Bittermelon Bara

Been wanting to do a serious LoL fanart for a while. I drew this for the League of Legend’s face-off contest. Originally it was going to be a bunch of Trundles just smashing each other, but I decided not to do that lol. Added WIP shots from my twitter ^p^/

Shen is in there if you look really hard (jk he’s not in there) 

A small spread I drew for a B/W Kill la Kill zine my friends organized. You can buy a copy here or wait until one of us sell it at a convention (ALA or something idk). Also slapped color on it for funsies. Step on me, Satsuki-sama.

I also drew stuff for Phantasmagoria, a KnB AU fanbook that my friends and I organized during class lol. The book came out really nice imo * *  I think there are still copies of the book available for purchase if you’re interested ^p^/

Thank you @reiberryjam, darkshia, kimhongstar, and noblesoul for organizing the fanbook and inviting me to collaborate with them <3

My submission for Seifuku, a uniform-themed anthology artbook. I like sukeban and bosozoku fashion and culture ^p^/

There are still copies of the book available for purchase. Click and read through the link if you’re interested.

The guys resembling Koichi, Josuke, and Okuyasu wasn’t intended what so ever though hue.

i owed drawmeaharem a volibear drawing since forever. trundle for good measure

Preview of some fanzine/book drawings I did. Will post after AX or so
Some snk fanart I did a few months back.

Trundle is my favorite champion in league, but I wish he had more skins.

Oniking Trundle 

Some concept sketches for school project. I used Zedig’s brush packs!

Happy birthday Lucina yeee

More 30 min speedpaints

Radioactive wasteland, super spy, green rage, twisted roots, fire frog

Concept art for personal project at school. Reanimated fuu dog boss stage :9

Anonymous asked: Have you ever tried to draw darksouls bosses?

I haven’t encountered all the bosses yet, but I really like Dark Sun Gwyndolin. He’s so cool. And Capra Demon

Mako’s regular outfit would be hand-me downs.

More KLK Kyudo AU :9 Also gamako 

Ryuko’s chestpatch made my hand twitch and I needed to get it out of my system. 

Kill La Kill kyudo au