Bittermelon Bara

Happy birthday Lucina yeee
Smoker in Tashigi’s body for Viruul’s OP collab

More 30 min speedpaints

Radioactive wasteland, super spy, green rage, twisted roots, fire frog


happy so very late birthday wuzidan!

aiee i wanted to color you something but i dont have the (power) so i tried drawing your queen, suffering OTP, and your oc.

tbh, the reason why i made my sketch blog was to practice drawing for your bday….last yr…^q^ it has been a long journey. altho im still not confident w.lines and coloring, you and your art makes me want to keep trying and improving. 

thank you so much for being my friend and always being there for me. you’re a v important person to me and im sp happy we are friends, you are the best ilu u////u

Aaaaaaah, thank you Angela. I always love anything you draw and I’m so grateful that you drew so much of my favorite things for me ;v;; I’m glad we became friends I really enjoy your company!

heartscale asked: Hello! Are you going to be at AX 2014?

I’ll be attending, but I’m not tabling :’3c

Concept art for personal project at school. Reanimated fuu dog boss stage :9
Finished watching klk24 and I am blown away. Bury me in all my feelings.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever tried to draw darksouls bosses?

I haven’t encountered all the bosses yet, but I really like Dark Sun Gwyndolin. He’s so cool. And Capra Demon

Mako’s regular outfit would be hand-me downs.

More KLK Kyudo AU :9 Also gamako 

Ryuko’s chestpatch made my hand twitch and I needed to get it out of my system. 

Kill La Kill kyudo au


hi! i’m opening LINEART & CHIBI commissions!
cons are coming up soon and im planning to table at both Fanime and AX 2014 so I need to make some money for printing and other fees >< also i bought a bike recently ahh…
there are 3 slots for lineart commissions, and 2 slots for chibi (chibis will b colored, not just lineart like in last example).
Lineart = $25-$35 depending on complexity! Singles only, no couples ><.
Chibi = $10 per character!
please keep in mind that i will take artistic liberties such as cropping or idk design elements i think look nice, plz look thru my #drawing tag for examples of my style! so not everything will be completely fullbody, but usually will b at least 80% full body idk how else to put this lol. please have references prepared.
if you are interested or have a question, please send me an email at , thank you!
(i also take custom adoptable commissions but those r a bit expensive, send me a msg or email if you are interested ><)

Some 30 min speedpaints. They’re still pretty figure dominant instead of environment, which I need to improve on.

-Tropical Monster

-Power Armor

-Wizard and the Wand

-Ice Troll

-Bamboo Forest

4:Lineart or coloring?

I like both, but I’m not very good at doing lineart. I like painting on top of sketches

5:Who/what inspires you?

A lot of people and things! I tend to gravitate towards artists with messier styles. Hayashida Q and Kim Jung Gi never fail to inspire me. 

7:Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.

Trundle from LoL god left hand is out of control.

8:Redraw one favorite piece of art by other (internet/tumblr) artist.

Mead Schaeffer study

9:Do you have any OCs? 

OC i made at the last minute for a secret santa that I liked the most

10:Draw a gijinka of your blog.

12:Favorite thing to draw?

3/4 faces looking to the left haha…and muscles

13:Least favorite thing to draw?

Vehicles and buildings.

15. Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?

I guess I make a really intense face when I draw.

My favorite husbandos one-eye swordsmans ^p^

Kill La Kill me 

Doodles from my sketchbook/twitter