Vivi for Edtertainer’s Final Fantasy collab. Thanks for hosting the collab! 

Vivi for Edtertainer’s Final Fantasy collab. Thanks for hosting the collab! 

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Illustrations based off Divine Comedy I drew for school

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Selling left over con prints and some new ones >< Large prints are 11x17, small prints are 8.5x11. With exception to journey print which is 9x18. If anybody is interested pls message or email ( me the letter/letter+number you want! (Also don’t send it as anon lol)

Shipping prices + more info: here..

Sorry I don’t have a storenvy, but payment is sent through paypal ;v;

Her prints are beautiful!! Please contact her to purchase *U*

YOOOO here is one fine artist, please support!!!!

go go go!!!

Fantastic art prints on sale

(via komatoast)

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Elite 4 + Champion

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I started playing LoL lol

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Really wanted to share uvu

Really wanted to share uvu

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I will do art for you!!! THATS RIGHT FOR YOU!!!! I am low on cash right now. I have to pay some bills… Just call 1-800-42…..w-wait.. don’t do that.


  • NSFW/PIN UPS (depends on what you wan’t drawn… I do have my limits on subjects.)
  • Extra Characters [In the same commission.]
    (Head: +3.00 Per Head.)
    (Bust: +5.00 Per Bust) 
    (Full Body: +$10.00 Per Character.)
    The Extra Character Prices apply for Sketches, Inks, and Colors.
  • Soft Colors cost +5.00 more.


  • PAY IN FULL: You pay me in full from the start. You will receive a progress picture when it reaches its half way point. 
  • PAY IN HALF: You pay me the first half of the commission price and you will receive a progress picture to its “half way” point. You will then pay me the rest and I will resume work to finish it.
    This option unfortunately cannot be chosen when you buy art from the “Sketch” category. 

    If you have any questions just email me or shoot me a tumblr message.

Hey, want some cool, colorful commissions?
Then help out my friend Andrew by purchasing a fancy drawing of your choosing. :)

Commission this rad artist! Support Viruul/Andrew!

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Various doodles I uploaded on twitter. Lot’s of wut

Right click > open image in new tab or smt

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A really self-indulgent post of some of my sketch book doodles from 2010 - 2012. 

Right click > open image in new tab :’3

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Some life drawings from last semester 10min - 85min poses. I like backs!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEPH!! You are my best friend and senpai. Hope to spend many more birthdays together :&gt;

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEPH!! You are my best friend and senpai. Hope to spend many more birthdays together :>

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hi!! i was wondering how much the madoka/pokémon prints will be and what size they'll be? i'm not going to AX but i'm considering sending a friend the money to buy one to send to me but would want to know what to expect/how much to send in advanced! o:

Unfortunately, AX2013 is over and I won’t be attending AX2014 artist alley. I will be opening a storeenvy or equivalent to sell leftover prints (I ran out of kyuubey and prob. have to print a few more) this month or early-Aug. They are 8.5”x11” on 100lb semi-gloss text paper. Price for one is $8, but if you buy all six it’s $30 (5 dollars a piece).

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Last print!

Last print!

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Remember these?

Last minute prints for AX2013. Table C55!

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